Agentur 52eins

Posted September 29th, 2006 by Mike Cherim

Agentur 52eins site The Agentur 52eins site is quite the website. It immediately grabbed our attention with its good looks and sharp graphics, which are surprisingly reasonable in file size. This site is one of those which defines the stunning part of what we look for, yet it maintains a very high level of accessibility and user-friendliness. It seems to have a fairly complex layout, but lacks in its underlying functional complexity. We felt it could go to greater heights in this regard, but these things are always a trade off. Had it done so, and not shown us a few other things we didn’t care for, this site could have done even better. That said, though, the numbers added up in its favor and it scored very well indeed. Another “Classic” site for our showcase. Again, we must say, in its design and balance with consideration to its users’ needs: Very nice!

The Agentur 52eins site was crafted by Rainer Schlegel and received an averaged Part I Score of: 16.48 and a Part II Score of: 9.0, for an Overall Score of: 25.48, making it eligible for an Award Level of: “Classic Universal Design.” Congratulations Rainer!

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