Posted September 22nd, 2006 by Mike Cherim

BioDesign site The BioDesign web site is pretty unique and we gave credit for that. Most sites nowadays are either centered or fluidly fill the screen. Seeing a site positioned to the left of the viewport is the exception and it brings back memories of yesterday’s internet. This site’s maker hasn’t forgotten those days and even accommodates the old 640×480 monitor resolution. Being that it’s a fixed width site, some people won’t like that aspect as they’ll be seeing a whole lotta blue, but it’s probably better going skinny when fixing a width, just to be considerate of more users (side scrolling’s no fun). But don’t get us wrong, this is a modern design built to standards and made accessible. We did note a few things that we didn’t care for, and it may need a few touch-ups, but we expect this in nearly any site.

The BioDesign site was crafted by Nikolai Baldjiev and received an averaged Part I Score of: 14.88 and a Part II Score of: 5.9, for an Overall Score of: 20.78, making it eligible for an Award Level of: “Notable Universal Design.” Congratulations Nikolai!

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