Posted October 13th, 2006 by Mike Cherim

VineType site The VineType site is a nice simple web site that’s pleasing to the eye. The graders were especially impressed that it is a CMS site which actually holds up to some scrutiny in respect to its claim of “Content Management with Standards in Mind.” There are few CMSs that excel in this area. As much as there was to like, some things didn’t hold up well, most notably was the external-site contact form. Had it been included in the grading it would not have done so well. That aside, we were happy to see it do as well as it did.

The VineType site was crafted by Carl Camera and received an averaged Part I Score of: 15.84 and a Part II Score of: 4.5, for an Overall Score of: 20.34, making it eligible for an Award Level of: “Notable Universal Design.” Congratulations Carl!

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