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Univ of California, Berkeley - Spanish Dept

Posted December 29th, 2006 by Mike Cherim

Univ of California, Berkeley - Spanish Dept site The University of California, Berkeley - Spanish Dept site is immediately stunning and impressive. Style, accessibility, usability, it really has it all. Both graders assigned to this site agreed on nearly every point, both finding the same high points and lows almost to the letter. Both graders also came to the same conclusion about this site: Even though it isn-t the recipient of our highest score of the year, if only a few items that were lacking were addressed, this site could’ve won our Timeless-level award — which would have been a first. We now know it is possible. It was a few minor issues that held it back and this was determined by both graders as both saw what was needed to push it to the next level. Possible missteps aside, this site is no slouch and is indeed a work of technical art.

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Government Offices of Sweden

Posted October 27th, 2006 by Mike Cherim

 Government Offices of Sweden site The Government Offices of Sweden site simply wow’d the two assigned graders. Admittedly this site would serve well any business or institution. Typically sites like this are maintained by several individuals and this is probably the case here. As a result, and since were weren’t able to communicate with the maker, we had to add a few of the pages to a justification list due to unencoded ampersands and other such signs of inexperienced maintenance. That said, though, from a development perspective both graders thought it was top-quality and quite stunning in its design… “one of the best we’ve seen.” The biggest concern noted was a little h1 element over-use but for a large government website we decided to turn a blind eye to some of these smaller issues and award it anyway.

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Agentur 52eins

Posted September 29th, 2006 by Mike Cherim

Agentur 52eins site The Agentur 52eins site is quite the website. It immediately grabbed our attention with its good looks and sharp graphics, which are surprisingly reasonable in file size. This site is one of those which defines the stunning part of what we look for, yet it maintains a very high level of accessibility and user-friendliness. It seems to have a fairly complex layout, but lacks in its underlying functional complexity. We felt it could go to greater heights in this regard, but these things are always a trade off. Had it done so, and not shown us a few other things we didn’t care for, this site could have done even better. That said, though, the numbers added up in its favor and it scored very well indeed. Another “Classic” site for our showcase. Again, we must say, in its design and balance with consideration to its users’ needs: Very nice!

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Little Blue Plane

Posted June 2nd, 2006 by Mike Cherim

Little Blue Plane site The Little Blue Plane site is exactly the type of site we’re looking for. Clean, beautiful, usable, accessible, and built with an exemplary level of care and attention to detail. Sites like this prove and support the mission here at Accessites. We found a little something that reduced its level of accessibility — soon to be fixed we hope — but despite that, there is so much going for this site that it’s still earning this award (the second “Classic” we’ve given).

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