Team Access

Team Access is a group comprised of web professionals who specialize in quality, accessible web site development. The individuals shown on this page are Team Access:

Mel Pedley Mel builds and assesses web sites for a living. Even if she didn’t earn a crust doing this, she’d build them in her spare time. In between she lives in Liverpool, is married to another web developer and thinks that reading Discworld books is a fun thing to do — especially if she can eat chocolate at the same time.

Tommy Olsson

AutisticCuckoo Tommy Olsson is an evangelist for web standards and accessibility. Tommy hails from Sweden, living in the middle of nowhere with two-and-a-half cats. There he works as a technical webmaster for a Swedish public agency.

Karl Dawson

ThatStandardsGuy Karl Dawson is in full-time employment with the UK local government and specialises in web standards and accessibility issues. He can still remember a time without home computing and men’s skin care products.

Blair Millen Blair is based in Glasgow, UK and runs his own web design business called Doepud Web Design. When not heavily immersed in all things accessible and web, he likes to listen to music and go hill running in the beautiful Scottish mountains.

Marco Battilana Marco Battilana hails from Surrey, BC, Canada, where he works as a web communication strategist for the Government of Canada. The rest of the time Marco runs Crazy Bat Designs offering accessibility and web standards consultation to individuals and businesses. When not working, Marco likes to practice Ashtanga Yoga and to eat good, quality chocolate.

Joe Dolson Joe Dolson is a freelance web developer specializing in accessibility and standards-based web design. Joe is a moderator for the Usability and CSS forums at Cre8asite Forums and is a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS). He lives in Saint Paul, MN, USA, where he also enjoys playing the violin, sleeping late, and other privileges of self-employment.

Phil Smears Phil Smears is the Director of a web design and development agency, sdesign1, which specialises in building accessible and beautiful Websites. After spending 10 years in Africa working as a volunteer teacher and then teacher trainer he came back in 2000 and did an MA in Marketing. This lead onto online marketing, which then lead on to web design, and finally onto web accessibility and usability.

Mike Cherim Mike Cherim is the founder. He lives in Nottingham NH, USA, with his wife, two children, and their dog. Mike is a long-time business owner, freelance accessible web developer, and a stock photographer. Spring/2009: Mike has retired from Accessites leaving the scepter with Mel Pedley. Mike will remain in a supportive position.

Jack Pickard

Jack was a relative newcomer to accessibility, discovering the concept in early 2005 and frantically reading everything related since, as well as contributing regularly to Accessify forum. On his own personal website he posted occasional articles on accessibility and semi-regularly blogs about random other stuff.

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