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Why Web Accessibility Makes Sense » Introduction

Why Bother with Web Accessibility?

This presentation will help you see the value of web accessibility and why it makes sense for you, as a web developer, and why it is a must-have for your clients. Web clients may wonder why they should care and choose to spend a little extra to ensure their site is accessible. This presentation will hopefully provide the needed guidance, understanding, and motivation.

Herein you will read the following material (these are the headings): “Doing the Right Thing,” “Beneficial Standards,” “Save Internet Resources,” “Be Recognized,” “It’s the Law… Or it Will Be,” “Ease of Maintenance,” “More Aging Visitors,” “Care and Sleep Well,” “Google Will Love You,” and this will be followed by a Summary complete with some related resources.

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This presentation is brought to you by, whose mission it is to prove that accessible web sites need not be boring and lacking in function and can coexist in harmony in the world of mainstream web development. If you feel that web accessibility doesn’t apply to you, think again. Keep reading to learn why.

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